A Manifesto for 2018

Welcome to our new website. We hope this will be a space for real conversations about child, family and young people’s mental health and that you’ll want to join in. I’ll be sharing links and resources, including courses and training events, so check in regularly. If 2017 was the year when mental health was finally on the public agenda, let’s make 2018 a year when we make lasting change.

Wishing you a Happy New Year and looking forward to hearing what your thoughts are about the challenges ahead.

Helen Randall

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist


Welcome to the newly re-designed BTPP website. Thanks to Matthew Jenkins for his excellent work on it. Our aim was to retain the spirit of BTPP, so clear from the old website, while at the same time updating and presenting the same information in a more accessible way.

Thanks too to Helen Randall who has agreed to oversee and manage the blog page. This will be an extension of work Helen has already been facilitating within the Training School and I look forward to the many interesting articles and issues that will be brought to our attention and all with a psychoanalytic perspective.

We hope you like it.

Kevin Booth

Dr Hanna Segal Desert Island Discs (2006)

Sue Lawley's castaway this week is the psychoanalyst Dr Hanna Segal. Hanna Segal is one of the most distinguished psychoanalysts of our time. She was born in Poland at the end of the First World War and after a sometimes difficult childhood her family moved to Switzerland and then France to flee the Nazis. They ended up on a Polish troop ship that brought them to Britain just in time, as she says, for the Blitz. 

As a teenager she was passionate about aesthetics and politics but did not know how how to combine her passions in a career - once she discovered the work of Sigmund Freud she knew her calling lay in psychoanalysis. Her mentor was Melanie Klein and she wrote what has become a standard text about her work. Dr Segal has written too about psychoanalysis and aesthetics and our response to the threat posed by nuclear weapons. She has held the post of Freud Professor at University College London and is a past president of the British Psychoanalytical Society. Now aged 87, she continues to work overseeing student analysts and giving seminars.

[Taken from the original programme material for this archive edition of Desert Island Discs] 

Favourite track: 2nd movement of String Quartet in C Minor by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Book: In Search of Lost Time by Marcel Proust
Luxury: A snorkel and Polaroids

Dr Hanna Segal

Dr Hanna Segal

Children waiting up to 18 months for mental health treatment – CQC

One in five children referred for treatment in England cannot be seen by overstretched child and adolescent mental health services, Young Minds says.

One in five children referred for treatment in England cannot be seen by overstretched child and adolescent mental health services, Young Minds says.

Children with mental health problems are waiting up to 18 months to be treated, a government-ordered report will reveal next week, in an indictment of the poor care many receive.

A Care Quality Commission report into child and adolescent mental health services (Camhs) will warn that long delays for treatment are damaging the health of young people with anxiety, depression and other conditions.